Fishing Boat Monitoring Service (FMS) is a service that provides necessary information for safe navigation to fishing vessels and provides location information of fishing boats, SOS and other data collected through base stations to the land system. GMT possesses a fishing vessel location transmitter, land infrastructure and monitoring system technology so that we provides safety navigation service, fishing vessel location information and SOS information to fishing vessels and national maritime organizations.


Fishing vessels operating on the coast of the Republic of Korea shall be equipped a location transmitter in accordance with Article 5-2 of the Fishing Vessel Act, Article 42-2 of the Enforcement Regulations of the Fishing Vessel Act and Article 2013-04 of the Maritime Police Notification.
GMT installed the location transmitter on 66,000 fishing vessels across the country and built relevant infrastructures and systems from 2013 to 2016.


Convenience &
Safety Service

· Automatic departure & Entry

· Simplified inspection at sea
· Safe navigation and information service
through on-board terminal


National Maritime Safety
Management Agency Service

· Fishing boat location and SOS data 

· Ship-ship collision detection information 

· Maritime accident analysis information

· MOB position tracking and rescue data


National Administration
Management Agency Service

· Illegal tax-free oil distribution information

· Smuggling and illegal entry information