Integrated maritime control solution enabling users to monitor vessels and traffic condition on the location based map in real time and to analyze various situations in control center.


Main Components

  • - Basic Operation System (mC2IS-BOS)
  • - Situation Reporting System (mC2IS-SRS)
  • - Situation Analysis System (mC2IS-SAS)
  • - Debriefing & Statistical Analysis System (mC2IS-DSAS)
  • - System Management System (mC2IS-SMS)
  • - Web/Mobile version (mC2Is-Web/Mobile)


  • Marine and land integrated GIS integrated display
  • Real-time and two-way response system for distress situations
  • Situation control, dissemination and rapid response support with multi-tasking  capabilities
  • Intelligent system providing situation analysis and collision forecasting which significantly utilized for efficient decision-making
  • Real-time information-sharing system between agencies for aircraft remote control and monitoring


  • - 2004  GICOMS(General Information Center on Maritime Safety & Security), Ministry of Oceans and Fisheries, Republic of Korea
  • - 2009  National Marine Crisis Management System, Korea Coast Guard, Republic of Korea

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